Adreyn Cash–New Single “ Anthem”, exclusive interview and on our playlist now

Countless artists battle to carve  define or establish their own musical identity. For some  it’s a strenuous process of experimenting with various musical styles in an attempt to stumble upon something that “fits”.   From the upcoming release of his debut E.P. “Demarrer”  spearheaded by the singles “Anthem” and “Tomorrow” what is apparent about Adreyn Cash is that he is an artist that is not only fully aware of his musical identity  but in full  natural command of it.

With its routes dug deep within soul music, Adreyn Cash’s sound consists of the smooth mixture of emotion and perhaps even fear projecting music that is alternative: dark but by no means depressing. He said ” I create music that people can listen and relate to  but also music that reaches out to the person within  the one whom we hide from the masses, my music is the voice for the hidden us. 

Currently living in London but originally from Kingston, Jamaica (of Taino descent), growing up  Adreyn found himself in and around music from an early age. A strong musical heritage consisting of reggae artists RDX, Eric Donaldson and growing up in Church with MNEK, the all-important presence of his mother meant that becoming a musician himself was something he was destined to do.

It wasn’t until the age of 16 however that he started taking his music seriously upon which  he was able to flourish at an array of opportunities. He championed renditions of songs such as John Legend’s “Ordinary People” at weddings, birthdays and secondary school performances that on one performance included the Mayor and Mayoress of his borough amongst the delighted audience. Excitement for him as a musician was growing. “The belief was that once he gets into the industry there will be no stopping him”- Mayor of the London Borough of Bromley.

With the acknowledgment of him as a musician increasing, he began playing bigger events for an expanded fan-base that continued to grow ever stronger. This ultimately culminated into an early highlight of his career: performing at the Indig02 in December 2009.   The freedom to write  produce and sing his own music started the process of writing the demo “Slow Motion” in 2010.

Staying true to emotions inspiring his music “Slow Motion” was recorded to capture a moment in his life where he wished he could dissect his life piece-by-piece to see if he would change anything. Lyrics such as “I’m losing all emotion in my heart, what’s happening? Where do I even start? and the simple and slow harmonious beat consisting of steady string chords and decisive piano chords, gave a glimpse of Adreyn Cash at an embryonic stage as an artist: thoughtful, deep rhythms and vocals.

With an assortment of successful live performances to his name, his attention turned to creating “Demarrer” his first full length EP. The E.P was produced by Rushard Allwood, Jude Gyamfi-Osew Tyrell, Paul Segun Olowu at Allwood’s Studios in South London and will be released on 14 February 2017.


Where does your name come from?

Adreyn Cash is a mixture of Names, Cash was name given to me by my maternal grandmother. My grandmother is  devout christian and said she heard a voice from God telling her that I should be named Cash. Adreyn is a spin on the Greek name Haydrian.. Both names mean Great leader.

What are your main influences and where do find inspiration ?

I grew up listening to Reggae, Soul, R&B, Pop. I grew fond of Artists like Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Celine Dion, Fantastia, R. Kelly, Prince and Michael Jackson to name a few.

What are your the live gig highlights in your career so far ?

Performing at the Indig02 in December 2009, following that achievement I studied music in University and gained my BA in Music. Since then I have performed at a range of venues around London, and currently working with WhiteWhall artist management.

Have you worked with any established names in music ?

Tyrell Paul (Stage name: 169) – Producer of two songs on the project and Co-producer of another has worked with SantanDave a rapper from South London and both has just worked with International Artist Drake on the “Wanna Know” Remix – which was produced by 169 (Tyrell Paul).

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