Decades of EU court rulings will be imported into Britain after Brexit

Decades of EU court rulings will be imported into Britain after Brexit at same level as if they were made in the Supreme Court. Brexit Secretary David Davis confirmed today that previous rulings from the European Court of Justice will be set at the level of Britain’s highest court. The ECJ will have “no future […]

mini album flirt with danger

Flirt with Danger ‘Even Spooks Need To Rock & Roll’ on the playlist now

British-based electrosurfbilly band, Flirt With Danger have released their debut album, ‘The Mini-Album’. The music is an imaginative, provocative and eclectic mix of neo-rockabilly, surf, 60s garage and proto-punk, combined with analogue synth sounds. The lyrics draw on both modern concerns and retro-futuristic imagery, very much in line with the burgeoning atompunk artistic scene. It […]

Spectrum EP Cover

Yellow Creatures release new E.P called ‘Spectrum’ – On our playlist now

‘Spectrum’ is the third EP from Newcastle based Yellow Creatures. It follows their 2014 release  ‘The Year of Everything & Nothing’  EP, which saw the band being selected to play the BBC 6 Music Festival in 2015 where they were introduced by Tom Robinson. Yellow Creatures influences range from current pop and alternative artists such […]


Government suffers second Brexit defeat in House of Lords

The House of Lords inflicted a second blow to the government tonight which could put the Brexit timetable at risk. Ministers only want MPs to get a ‘deal or no deal’ vote on the final terms of Brexit, but peers said that wasn’t enough and insisted on a ‘meaningful’ parliamentary vote on the final EU divorce deal. We asked […]


Matthew McConaughey says It’s time to embrace Trump

Matthew McConaughey has entered tricky political waters by appearing to endorse Donald Trump’s presidency, and suggesting that Hollywood needs to “embrace” it. Matthew McConaughey: ‘My agent said no to romcoms. And then there was nothing’ The actor reveals how his risk-taking, high-rolling parents inspired his biggest gambles – and why they’ve paid off In an […]


Hip Hop From Abroad – This is Cryptkeeper

South African born Hip Hop artist Crytpkeeper releases the debut single off his second Hip Hop project ‘Bete Noire’, the hook driven Trap Rap track ‘Something Outta Nothin’. The single hits all Radio Stations Nationwide 17 January 2017. This is the first single off his brand new album, following the success of his previous 2015 MixTape ‘Mind […]


London woman fined for pouring coffee down the drain

Sue Peckitt, 65, didn’t like the taste of the drink she bought in Ealing so decided to get rid of it. As she headed to the bin to get rid of the cup she was approached by enforcement officers who handed her the penalty. Speaking to, Miss Peckitt, a retired civil servant said: I […]


The pound rockets after speech from Theresa May

The value of the pound has risen sharply after Theresa May confirmed that parliament will get a vote on a Brexit deal. The prime minister said in a speech at Lancaster House that parliament will get a say on the terms of Brexit before any final deal for leaving the EU is confirmed. Theresa May says Government […]