The pound rockets after speech from Theresa May

The value of the pound has risen sharply after Theresa May confirmed that parliament will get a vote on a Brexit deal.
The prime minister said in a speech at Lancaster House that parliament will get a say on the terms of Brexit before any final deal for leaving the EU is confirmed.

Theresa May says Government WILL get a vote on final terms of Brexit
The currency, which had dipped to below $1.20 before the speech, rose to $1.22 after the announcement was made and then later rising to $1.23 – a jump of more than 2%.

The value then settled down after the Conservative leader signaled the government’s intent to leave the European single market, but still showed gains off its initial boost.

Yet, it still bounced back enough to be flat against the euro for the week in what could be its highest one day gain since 2008.

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